Monday, June 7, 2010

Flag in F1 race

I think you are all familiar with the checkered flag, yellow flag, or may be green flag in Formula 1 race

but actually flag sign in F1 is more than that, they have chequered flag, yellow flag, blue flag, green flag, red flag, black flag.... and so on.

as a race official, these flag signs are important, so, check the flag out:

green flag (waved), this flag is waved to indicate to the drivers that they have passed the end of a yellow flag section of the track and the track is clear. green flag also
indicate the start of sessions on track and at each post during the restart of a race.

yellow flag (waved), this flag indicates potential hazard ahead. single wave flag warns drivers to slow down, double flags waved at the same post means that the drivers must slow down. also waved during a safety car period, and no overtaking.

red flag (waved), this flag will be waved only on instruction by race control and indicates the session has been stopped.

blue flag , this flag warns the driver that he is about to be lapped and to let the faster car overtake if its waved. but if stationary, it means pit exit is open and a car on track is approaching.

white flag is used to indicate caution to drivers when a slow moving vehicle is on track, the flag is waved when slow moving vehicle is within the precinct and stationary when it passed.

black flag (stationary) and accompanied by car number, directs the driver to return to his pit and mostly used as signal for a driver to serve drive through penalty or excluded from the race.

Diagonal black and white flag (stationary) and accompanied by car number, this flag warns the driver of unsporting behavior, may be followed by black flag if the driver does not heed the warning.

black with orange circle flag (stationary) and accompanied by car number, it warns the driver of mechanical problem and must return to pit immediately.

red and yellow stripped flag (stationary), this flag warns the driver of slippery track surface due to oil, fluid, water, etc.

and the most known flag:

the checkered flag indicates that the session has ended.